We supply and install eave protection systems to protect from internal damp and rotting roofs

Are your eaves protected?
Pitched roof underlay’s are normally dressed into the eaves gutter, leaving a strip of material exposed to the elements. Some underlay’s can deteriorate and even completely disintegrate after relatively short exposure to water and sunlight. If no provision is made for eaves protection, this can result many problems including:

• Internal leakage
• Damp Ceilings
• Damp Bedrooms
• Rotting of the rafter feet
• Rotten soffits
• Expensive future maintenance costs

Damage caused by unprotected eaves

How the eaves protection system is fitted

The images above shows the damaged roof underlay has been cut away and the eaves protector is inserted under the sound remaining felt to form a watertight barrier running straight into the guttering

Eaves Protection over fascia protection is a rigid PVC extrusion. It is fixed to the top of the fascia and supports roofing felt immediately behind the fascia. Unsupported felt often collects water, a process known as ponding. It then deteriorates and allows moisture through to the rafters.