New Roofs from Guardian

Many roofs can be kept going almost indefinitely with the Guardian Roof Coating system. However there comes a time when you need to consider a replacement. There will usually be an undesirable level of dampness within the roof space, which can lead to problems with timbers and rot. There is also the risk that a severe storm may expose any weaknesses overnight and leave you with a major leak to deal with – Britain has its fair share of storms! A new roof is a major investment, but will add value to your property and save you money in the longer term. It makes sense to sort out your roof before spending large amounts of money on internal refurbishment. Most mortgage lenders will be sympathetic to releasing funds for this type of work, as you are protecting the value of your investment. We can usually help you to spread the cost by replacing roof elevations one at a time, though this may cost slightly more and involve additional inconvenience. We will provide you with a detailed assessment and let you consider all the options before committing to the work.

From tiling large commercial housing developments to re-roofing domestic properties, we are able to assist with a diverse range of roof tiling needs: Whether we’re determining the whereabouts of leaks and replacing individual roof tiles or fitting entirely new tiled roofs, our roofing team will ensure a high quality, long lasting solution which you can trust.