Why should I choose uPVC fasicas and uPVC roofline over Wooden Fascias

uPVC is one of the most popular choices in the UK today for Fascias, Soffits and Gutters with 85% of buildings benefiting from this cost effective, highly durable, environmentally friendly, safe, secure and robust product. It is now widely recognised that the maintenance burden and the technical performance of timber, especially for roofline, is no longer acceptable when compared with uPVC Fascias and Soffits. UPVC roofline will not rot, warp, bend or discolour.

In what circumstances is capping over acceptable?

If the existing timer is sound our  installers will use cap-over boards effectively. Flat roofs for example can be suitable for cap-over boards if you do not want to disturb the existing roof cover (i.e. Felt or EPDM rubber cover).

Is uPVC environmentally friendly?

uPVC is 100% recyclable and may be reused up to 10 times and more.  All Guardian upvc fascias and upvc soffits are manufactured using environmentally friendly Calcium Zinc in accordance with Vinyl 2010.