Has your roof seen better days?

Before you jump in and spend more than you need, call us first for some FREE ADVICE. We offer a comprehensive re-roofing solution that includes replacing all broken and worn out tiles, fitting dislodged or missing tiles, re-pointing, sealing and coating with our Guardian Roof Coating System. This is a much more cost effective way to extend the life of your roof. We believe that the Guardian Roof Coating System is a saving not only for the property owner but more importantly to the detrimental effect of the environment. In most cases clients think they need a new roof, where as we have saved over 70% from the expense of having to fit a new roof, please consider getting the Guardian Roof Coating System as this will eliminate all the problems that you currently have at this time. We have reliable, honest and highly skilled teams, which enables us to offer you a professional service from start to finish and with a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind.


Ask yourself is this of interest to me?

• Is your roof over 25 years old?

• Do you have concrete or clay tiles?

• Have you moss or lichen on your roof?

• You need or have had roof repairs?

• Have your neighbours replaced their roof?


Do you want to?

• Extend the life of your roof, avoiding a costly re-roof?

• Eliminate moss and lichen growth?

• Increase the value of your home?

• Enhance the look of your home?

• Have a 10 year Guarantee with 10-years peace of mind?


Homeowners may spend £1,000’s on windows, fascia’s, gardens, driveways and decorations. Yet none of these offer the protection, value for money, increased property value or dramatic effect of our roof  cleaning and coating system.


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