Why should I have my roof  cleaned and coated?

A roof that is covered in moss, dirt and grime can greatly detract from  the appearance of your home. Fungus and algae can hold a great deal of water,  which causes erosion as well as cracked and broken tiles. Having your roof  cleaned, repaired and protected will stop the damage and leave your roof  looking as fabulous as it did when new.

Will coating my roof  protect it from leaks?

The coating itself is designed to protect roof tiles from the effects of  weather and age. However, the coating alone will not stop your roof leaking if  there is structural damage or the tiles are cracked or broken. That is why a  thorough roof repair is an important part of our roof coating process.

How long will the roof  cleaning and coating process take?

The entire process typically takes only two to three days, depending on  the weather, of course. After cleaning, the roof must be completely dry before  the coating process can begin.

Should we consider having  our roof coated even if there are no existing problems?

Yes. That is actually the best time to have it cleaned and treated with  a protective coating to extend the life of your roof. Tiles can deteriorate and  become less water resistant over time, which will leave them susceptible to  damage and moss accumulation.

Will your roof treatment help prevent the re-growth of moss?

Yes—in two important ways. The fungicide we use not only kills moss but  also discourages re-growth. And the water resistant coating will protect your  roof from the moisture that attracts moss.