STAGE 1: Cleaning Down Protective sheeting is placed around the property then all roof tiles are thoroughly cleaned using specialist roof cleaning equipment to remove all traces of moss, algae, lichen, and pollutants etc. All gutters are then cleaned inside and out to remove all traces of silt and debris. Great care is taken not to block existing drainpipes. The surrounding area is then cleaned and all waste is bagged up leaving your property clean and tidy.


STAGE 2: Restoration Work The roof is then checked over for repairs; all defective pointing between the ridges, hips and verges is taken out and re-pointed using a fibre-reinforced mortar. Then all broken, damaged or delaminated roof tiles are replaced using the same profile. We ensure the roof is structurally sound before applying any coatings. At this stage, we can also install roof upgrades such as Velux windows, Dry verges, Dry ridges, Sun tunnels or Solar panels etc.


STAGE 3: Biocide Wash A Broad-spectrum biocide wash is then spray applied to impregnate the existing roof surface to eliminate any underlying active infestation of moss & lichen spores. This will prevent any future re-growth while providing a clean and sterile surface for the application of the new protective tile coating


STAGE 4: Tile Resurfacing This is the clever bit, the coating is applied in two stages with specialist airless spraying equipment in the customers chosen colour .When the first coat is applied the dampness of the porous tiles actually helps us. Our coating is waterborne, so when we apply it the molecules of the compound migrate through the damp and penetrate deep into the tile and as it dries it cures to form a microscopic mesh. This allows the smaller water vapour molecules (trapped water) to pass out through it; but stops the larger water liquid molecules (rain) from re-entering allowing the roof to breath yet be totally waterproofed. Once dry, the second coat is applied to give a finish of a newly installed roof, giving your home a fresh new look and giving you years of trouble free roofing.