The Problem

After about twenty years of weathering, your roof tiles begin to lose their protective coating. With no coat to protect your tiles they become very porous, tiles become wet and during the winter when it freezes it expands cracking the surface, which causes pits and creates additional microscopic voids. The tile erosion begins and creates an environment attractive to moss and lichen. Once established they speed up degradation and further assist water penetration of the tile. As the roof surface degrades, more water is retained in and on the tiles, which causes the weight of the roof to dramatically increase causing stress and strain on the structure. Secondly, water penetrates to the timber under structure, which rots. Tiles become unstable, unsafe and major roof repairs or re-roofing is necessary. Remember moss and lichen are a system of a greater and more fundamental problem, of eroded, degraded, damp and porous tiles.

The Solution

Rather than removing the porous tiles and retiling, we resurface the tiles using our four-stage restoration process leaving your roof not only looking like a new roof, but also acting like a new roof, totally waterproof and maintenance free. All without the inconvenience of a skip in the driveway and weeks of disruption, our system eliminates moss and lichen and reduces the risk of wind damage. The rainwater will run off the roof as if it was new, so you will have no more blocked guttering to worry about and for added peace of mind, all of our work is covered by a fully comprehensive 15-year guarantee. Homeowners may spend £1000’s on windows, fascia’s, gardens, driveways and decorations, yet none of these offer protection, value for money, increased property value or dramatic effect of our roof restoration system. Quite simply we make your old roof new at a price you can afford.

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