The Guardian Gutter Brush

At last! – The answer to your blocked gutter problems! The Guardian Gutter Brush helps keep out leaves, twigs, pine needles, moss and other organic debris, from actually gathering and collecting in your gutters and drain pipes. The unique polypropylene brushes last indefinitely and are the most efficient and most cost-effective Gutter filter medium you can buy. The Guardian Gutter Brush is especially effective in areas surrounded by trees and woodland, where clogging can occur more often.

The Guardian Gutter Brush  bottle-brush-like design bends easily around corners and under rooflines, Leaves simply blow off The Guardian Gutter Brush  allowing any rainwater to flow through. Any leaves or twigs that may become trapped in The Guardian Gutter Brush  filaments will eventually break down in to tiny particles by the action of aerobic bacteria and beneficial fungi. This biological decomposition and the passage of rainwater will become a self-cleaning process.  Simply The Guardian Gutter Brush  keeps gutters clear and water flowing freely all year round.

Why install the Guardian Gutter Brush ?

• Solves blocked gutters and drain problems immediately.

• Quick installation – adapts automatically to the shape of any gutter.

• No more overflowing gutters and drainpipes with our 10-year guarantee.

• Avoid dangerous ladder climbing for maintenance.

• Fits around corners and over drainpipe outlets.

• Gutter brush stops everything but the rain.

• High quality, long life material (double UV treated polypropylene and stainless steel.).

• Prickly body deters birds and rodents etc.

• Avoid costly roof and gutter damage.